B + E Training

We also carry-out trailer towing courses, Category B+E. These are available using our vehicle and trailer or in customers own vehicle and trailer (Subject To Conditions).

Government Announcement as of 10th September 2021.

To make more lorry tests available, the Government have cancelled all car and trailer tests from 20th September 2021. 

An announcement will be made later in the Autumn with regards to car licence holders not having to take a Category B+E (car and trailer) test, allowing them to tow a trailer.

Current towing regulations are still in force, therefore please check if you are able to tow a trailer on your current licence. The link below provides further information on this:

New rules for towing a trailer or caravan with a car from autumn 2021 - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) 


With this in mind, please see below the training we can offer currently.

Car and Trailer (B+E) Training

We can offer car and trailer training to gain confidence and experience in all aspects of using a car and trailer; this also includes reversing and coupling/recoupling training.

We offer a minimum of 4 hours training and this costs £30.00 per hour plus VAT, however we will tailor training to your individual needs and requirements. 

Using your vehicle and trailer.

We Charge £300 + VAT (£40) per day for an Instructor to carry out the Training in your own Vehicle and Trailer (Conditions Apply) + 25p per mile travel expenses where applicable.

If trailer hire is required, we can provide this at a cost of £30 + vat = £36.00 per day.

Usually a standard half day is sufficient, allowing approximately 2 hours training time prior to test, to practice any manoeuvres you wish to brush up on, and to calm nerves.

Again, if trailer hire is required, we can provide at £30.00 + vat (£6) = £36.00 per day..