Q. Is there a minimum age I need to be before driving LGV vehicles?

A. Yes, the minimum age requirements are 18 

Q. Do I need to hold a driving licence for a certain amount of time before I can drive LGV vehicles?

A. No, however, it will be much more difficult for you as you would lack road time experience. we would suggest at least two years of driving before attempting LGV training.

Q. Can I pay by installments for my LGV Training?

A. Yes you can, we have teamed up with a very friendly company who are experienced in this type of finance, Ideal4Finance. Check the website and apply online today, its really easy you could have an answer within minutes of application. 

Q. Where and when will I carry out my training?

A. Training is carried out 08.00 - 16.00 Monday to Friday. The DVSA test centre is situated at Jupiter road in Norwich.

Q. What is required from me before I start my training with you?

A. A provisional LGV driving licence, Medical, hazard perception and multi choice questions.

Q. Do I need to apply to DVLA for an LGV driving Licence prior to any training?

A. Yes, it is a requirement to have a provisional LGV driving licence prior to any training