Booking Policy

East Coast Driver Training Ltd reserves the right to amend courses or fees without notice. Bookings made prior to any changes will be honoured.

A deposit must be made when a course is booked and the balance paid at least 14 days before the course start date.

Payment can be made by Credit / Debit Card, Bank Transfer, or Cash.

We no longer accept cheques as a method of payment.
Please Note: Where applicable it is important that adequate provisions are made to ensure that any Driver attending a course complies with the requirements laid down in the Drivers Hours Legislation.

Course Timings and Joining Instructions.
Joining instructions will be sent by the way of a confirmation letter together with an invoice for the course.

Good time keeping is essential throughout the course. Course fees may be lost if any candidate is absent or excluded through lateness.

Review Date: 01.12.24

Cancellation Policy.
East Coast Driver Training Ltd reserve the right not to offer any refunds except where a course is cancelled at least 14 working days prior to the start date by written notice.

East Coast Driver Training Ltd reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any course and will ensure customers are notified at the first available opportunity.

Data Protection.
On Periodic Courses Data Protection and The Master Driver Registration Scheme, Guidance, information and a record of attendance will need to be read and signed by every candidate and the information collected.

M.D.R.S. Data Consent and Introduction.

Your explicit consent is required to the gathering of your personal data. Neither ECDT or the R.T.I.T.B. transfer information to countries outside the European Economic Area or to third parties.

The R.T.I.T.B. requires confirmation of consent from individuals who have been trained by Master Driver Consortium Members in respect of personal information being placed on MDRS.

MDRS is a centralised registration and certification system for Driver CPC Peridic Training.Your consent is required for the consortium member to gather data about you.

Please note that the MDRS database is not open to public viewing.

Personal and Training details are forwarded to the RTITB for entry to the database by consortium members via the R.T.I.T.B. web based online registration system.

Only those consortium members that have trained you and the RTITB have the capability of viewing the information you have consented to provide.

IMPORTANT: Please read carefully.

Before signing the consent register please read the list of details which will be provided to the RTITB on your behalf. If you object to any of the details being provided please discuss this with ECDT.

Confirmation Of Consent.
I agree to having the details below entered on the MDRS database, unless I subsequently withdraw my consent in writing to R.T.I.T.B.

I agree to my details being disclosed to present or prospective employers, for legal reasons, and to enable R.T.I.T.B. to remind me when my Driver CPC is due for completion.

I understand the data I have agreed to provide will be used in accordance with the relevant legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018
Title                            Driving Licence Number
Full Name                    Course Title
Address                       Location of Course
Date of Birth                Start and End Date of Course
Email Address              Duration of Training
Telephone Number       Assessment Results
NI Number

Learner Feedback
Customer feedback, both positive and negative is important to us.

Please contact us by email, letter, phone, or in person with any feedback you may have.

If you feel you have a complaint, then please speak to us in the first instance, and we will endeavour to rectify the matter.

If you would like to make a formal complaint, then please do this in writing, and we will respond within 7 days of receipt.

Quality Assurance
East Coast Driver Training Ltd aspires to have a consistent and robust system in place to ensure we are delivering high quality training for candidates. We aim to continually review and assess our performance to improve the quality of training we offer.

Our courses are monitored and audited by neutral outside bodies to help us maintain our high standards.

If any deficiencies are identified in our training courses or services we aim to rectify the issues as soon as possible.

Learner Support
We are committed to supporting all our candidates.

If you have any particular needs then please inform us. We will work with you to ensure that you have a successful, pleasant learning experience with us.

Equality and Diversity
We are committed and equality of access, opportunity and outcome to all candidates.

We oppose discrimination in any form and are committed to making make all courses inclusive and available to all.

We welcome everyone, regardless of age, culture, disability, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, beliefs, and sexual orientation.

East Coast Driver Training Ltd makes a commitment to all candidates that we make every effort to:
* Offer high standard training and course content
* Ensure courses are carried out to time, with all the equipment needed
* Publish and make available up to date and accurate information on all our courses
* Offer appropriate information, advice and regular feedback on candidates work and progress
* Promote a culture where everyone feels a responsibility to ensure the dignity of all is not abused by acting to challenge any discrimatory practice supported by published policies and procedures
* Maintain and improve standards through quality improvement measures.
* Deal with enquiries by letter, email, phone or in person, promptly, courteously, and accurately.
* Offer a prompt response to any problem brought to our attention.

In return we ask that Everyone:
* Respects the rights of others, and work in a co-operative manner.
* Treat everyone with respect regardless of any differences in culture, disability, learning difficulty, medical conditions, race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion or social class.
* Comply with H&S regulations by behaving in a way which does not put yourself or others in danger .
* Make every effort to be on time for your training, and bring the relevant documents with you.
* Keep us informed in writing of any changes in your personal details.
* Help us improve our service by giving us feedback through course evaluations.
Review date: 01.12.24