LGV Category C (Rigid)

LGV Category C – Class 2 / Rigid Vehicle Driver Training

The Category C ‘Class 2’ licence applies to a rigid vehicle that weighs over 7,500kg / 7.5tonne and allows you to drive a rigid vehicle up-to 32 tonne. This licence can now be obtained from the age of 18.

Training for this category is carried out in our automatic vehicles and if you hold a manual car licence, you can pass this test in an automatic vehicle and the manual entitlement will carry over.

The Steps to Gain this licence
  • LGV Medical Test
  • Apply for your provisional licence
  • Multiple Choice & Hazard Perception Theory Test (we can book this for you)
  • You will also need driver CPC if you are driving commercial for reward or gain. Contact us to find out which route of CPC you will need 01603 731788 or fill out the contact form for a quick response. (on the main menu)


Course Prices – Category C – £65 per hour

2 Days – 16 Hour £1040 + VAT (£208) + Test Fee (£115) = £1363 

3 Days – 20 Hour £1300 + VAT (£260) + Test Fee (£115) = £1675 

3 Days – 24 Hour £1300 + VAT (£312) + Test Fee (£115) = £1987 

All of the above courses include unlimited (during course) 3A (reversing) tests that will be carried out at our DVSA approved training area. We have our own qualified examiners who will assess you. This will be carried out a minimum of 24 hours before taking your 3B (on-road) test at the DVSA test centre.


Costs for Category C Retest:

In the event you don’t pass first time, A retest will be required, This is charged at 4 hours training + VAT + Test Fee.

Category C Retest £260 + VAT (£52) + Test Fee (£115) = £427

Additional training is available in blocks of 4 (half day) or 8 (full day) charged at the hourly rate listed above.


Our Vehicles

Our Training Vehicles well exceed the minimum vehicle requirements of the DVSA.  They are mainly Volvo and Scania which are modern and regularly maintained. We look after our Training Vehicles as they are our biggest advert!

If you are unsure of anything or have any questions in general, Please feel free to contact us via phone 01603 731788 or email admin@ecdtraining.co.uk as we’ll be more than happy to help.